HWEO/WWA in Studio4

Agency Collaboration Creativity Empower ISHCMC Studio

Studio 4 are currently beginning a long unit that will run until the end of March. There has been a lot of thought and planning into how this unit might run and it is already feeling VERY right! 

Here is a sneak peek of ONE week for our students (and this is only 2 periods per day!)

Amazing, right?

I (Cindy Kaardal) have begun to write a progressiveblog post about the Studio 4 journey with this particular unit. Since it is progressive, I will not post it here, but it can be found on my blog: http://innovativeinquirers.weebly.com/blog/hweowwa-in-studio-4

I will continue to add and edit it as we go along. Please follow us on our journey and share any thoughts, challenges, ideas, or similarities that you are experiencing with us! I wish I could have had these kinds of opportunities at school when I was their age.

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